The Perm Agrarian Journal (Permskii Agrarnyi Vestnik) accepts materials for publishing in online version on our e-mail Authors should be aware of the following requirements and condition of publishing before they send an article.

Ethical standards and authors’ right

Sending the article to the journal the author confirms that he/she is aware of and agrees with ethical standards of the journal; also the author is responsible for their observation. Also the author agrees with conditions discussed in the license contract, which includes electronic publishing conditions.

All articles are freely available on the site of the journal ( and Russian Scientific on-line library ( Texts and metadata of the articles (title, abstract, key words and authors data) are available for different databases and on-line libraries.

Themes of articles

Permskii agrarnyi vestnik journal publishes original scientific articles that havent been published earlier. The following themes are acceptable:


Review articles on new equipment, materials, engineering, techniques and the results of their applying, agricultural training materials are published by the scientific editorial board decision.

The articles are published in accordance with subject of the edition. If the article doesnt correspond to any theme of the edition, it may be published in the University collected articles.

Structure and content of articles

  1. UDC number (at the left). UDC number can be found at the following site (the state rubricator of scientific and technical information)
  2. Title (written with CAPITAL LETTERS).
  3. Author’s name, academic status, place of work/study, organization address, e-mail.
  4. Abstract in Russian, 1800-2000 signs including spaces.
  5. Key words (up to ten words)
  1. Main text (including tables and figures). The article must include the following main sections (with bold): Introduction. Methods. Results. Conclusion. References.
  • The introduction should contain the topicality of a research and describe the object of a research. Also the introduction should include the review of foreign and native literature which proves the absence of solution of the purposes in literary sources and pointed at names of the predecessors, which researches this research is based on. These literary sources have requirements for the level and topicality (Full instructions can be found here). The aim coming out of literature review results and the list of purposes to reach are mentioned necessarily.
  • This is an element where the conditions of holding and all the parts of experiment are described.
  • This element contains the description of research (main part of an article)
  • This part includes summary of scientific research and it has numerated conclusions, containing the main scientific results of the article, the connections between object’s characteristics of a research conducted by the author.
  1. Source of finance (grant, state program etc.), if any.
  2. References. The list should be done according to GOST 7.0.5-2008 and contain 12-15 sources, including 3-5 foreign sources.
  3. Translation of the article contains the following sections: Author’s name, academic status, place of work/study, organization address, e-mail, annotation, keywords, references with transliteration.

Technical requirements of articles

The manuscript should be from 5 to 8 pages of A4 format. Paper orientation is portrait with 1.5 line spacing, without formating, width aligned, with automatic hyphenation, without footnote. Times New Roman font, font size of basic text — 14 pt, of additional text (names of tables, names of pictures, remarks, literature) – 12 pt. On the first line of a paragraph should be a 1.25 cm indent. All the words in a paragraph are divided by only one blank space. Before punctuation character there is no blank space, but after it there is only one blank space. Dashes (–) and hyphens (-) must be distinguished.

Tables should be prepared in Microsoft Word (not pictures), should be numbered and put into the article according to sense of article text if there is more than 1 picture.

Pictures, graphics and schemes should be black and white colours, sharp, hatching is available. All the elements of images should be grouped. Names under pictures are situated outside the picture (for opportunity for redaction).

Formulas should be prepared in standard formula editor of MS Word: Times New Roman font, font size of basic text — 14 pt.

All used contracted notations and abbreviations (except the common used ones) should be expanded with their first use in the text.

Names of the parts must be done as “Name”.

Annex to the article

Materials of research are designed according to technical requirements to an article and they are sent in online version to the editors of a journal. It is accepted to publication after editorial board’s approval if the following documents are present:

  • Application,including information about author(s)
  • Licensed contract with appendix 1 to the licensed contract. Licensed contract should contain passport information of the author and his/her signature. Appendix 1 to the licensed contract must contain a head’s signature and stamp of organization where the author works. If there are two or more authors, then the one copy of licensed contract is made with a list of authors. If authors work in different institutions, every organization send filled Appendix 1 to a licensed contract. Filled documents should be scanned and sent to the editors in PDF or JPEG format.

Headlines of electronic document files should be informative: Ivanov_application.doc.

Received materials will be analyzed within 1 month with a notification about editorial board decision.